The Cafe Interior | The Cupcake Boutique | Stuttgart | Dittel Architects

Client: The Cupcake Boutique Café LLP

DITTEL – Architekten were asked to develop the corporate shop design for the Cupcake Boutique. After the opening of the first shop in Weinstadt-Beutelsbach, the first Cupcake Boutique in Stuttgart opened now in June this year.

While entering the café, a key element of the store design concept becomes immediately visible.
A large glass cabinet in the middle of the room showcases the café’s principal product – a wide range of cupcakes. The adjacent sales counter also displays other available products. Its understated white design forms a further key element of the store concept.

The customer seating is aligned with the shop windows and surrounded by a continuous frame which emphasises its occupancy. The seating itself is arranged symmetrically inside the frame. There is also a long counter with bar stools for customers staying for a shorter period of time.

The Cupcakes theme is reflected in the wall graphics in the shop, as well as in little playful details, like the toilet icons.

The colour scheme of the café is based on the corporate identity colours developed for the brand, which are used here for the purpose of accentuation. The design of the lampshades is evocative of the fairy cakes’ baking cases........more