The Beursschouwburg Interior Design | B-Architecten

The Beursschouwburg comprises a conglomerate of three buildings: two in August Ortstraat linked to a third in Karperbrug.
Before the building work, only 40% of the building was in use. The remaining 60% was inaccessible and in a very poor state. This part of the building had been empty for decades and had been neglected. Most of the dark and inaccessible spaces were cleared in order to create a light and spacious central hall.

Around this double-height hall are the box office, the café, the green room on the first floor and the staff’s offices. All these surrounding programmes guarantee sufficient activity in the central hall, which will become the theatre’s main artery. The building’s four groups of users – the public, the performers, the technicians and the staff – each have their own circulation routes. This enables them to move around the building at their own specific speed without losing sight of or hampering each other. The central hall has been given its own contemporary appearance. The walls are covered in shotcrete and the floor, stairs and furniture are sprayed in vivid red polyurethane. The other rooms are treated in very different ways: the foyer in high-gloss white paint, the golden reception room, the silver attic room, the black and white checked café, the wooden green room, etc.....more