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Centrally located in Beijing's characteristically cosmopolitan Dong Zhi Men district, the SOHO Beijing Residence introduces the art of sophisticated condominium living for the modern urbanite — a balance of the senses through the harmonious blending of contemporary tones, textures, materials, views and light.

Comprising a series of perfectly appointed living spaces, each unit is designed simultaneously to be timeless and chic, creating a visual balance of soothing earth tones with dark dramatic accent features. Each unit is fully furnished with contemporary well-crafted furniture and fittings, and an exclusive handful of custom designed units were carefully crafted to suit the individual needs of each homeowner. The Beijing Residence is a retreat in the heart of the bustling city, affording panoramic views of downtown Beijing where both the historic and ultra modern meet in union.

This condominium was fully sold within months of its launch in 2009...........more