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The particular task and the particular situation of BHF-Bank in central Frankfurt are very close to the Alte Oper, the defining moments for our design of the new private banking sector.
The buildings of the Bank was in the sixties by Sep Ruf, one of the most important post-war architects in Germany, designed and implemented. The complex consists of three parts of the building, the flat atrium, connecting the central block and the 23geschossigen skyscraper. The central building is located along the upper road, separating it from Lindau Rothschild Park. At the upper Lindau is a spacious driveway, on reaching the main entrance. From the main entrance that opens into the atrium or via a lift system in the floors of the intermediary. This situation is to receive in connection with the newly created private banking division, which will occur on the ground and 1st floor of the central building, to be reorganized and made more.
In future, to move into the renovated office area and meeting rooms, and held small receptions and events at a high level. Optionally, this area expanded to include the event parkseitige terrace.

Design approach:
The newly designed access situation is to function as a generous reception and distribution area, without disturbing installations. A transparent porch, the visitor reaches the customer or in the open-plan reception area. Today's uninviting security gate will be replaced by a light reception desk. This bar not only meets the functional criteria necessary but is also physically very important. It connects and manages the reception area in the new "private banking hall. In the private banking sector is from the reception desk open a customer switch.
Ceiling glazing are the climatic barrier between the entrance and the atrium hall and entrance hall and the new "private banking hall. A series of floor to ceiling vertical blinds with Glaszwischenfeldern creates the geographical limits of the new clients in private banking hall. The vertical wood slats and divide the space between the separate meeting rooms and the hall. Like a second inner skin, they provide the necessary functional separation to close but spatially. This ensures that the desired relation between interior and exterior preserved. This idea is strengthened by the more upstream event parkseitig terrace. This can take place in the summer of customer events.
The terrace is part of the newly designed Rothschild Park. The facade in this area can be opened a large area. The banking hall itself serves as a prestigious reception and waiting area. A large spiral staircase, like a sculpture, connects the ground floor with the 1st floor, which houses most of the consultancies. They too should be restructured and adapted to the architectural appearance. The corridor walls are designed as a glass timber stud walls. The room walls are designed as plasterboard walls with integrated glass skylights. The central zone is widened and next to the spiral staircase are two more make it round gallery openings for the spatial link between the ground floor and 1st floor. Thus the two levels are not only functional but also spatially linked. In the basement of the existing security cameras is being remodeled. The private individual passes through the Paternoster (elevator) from the ground floor in the 1.Untergeschoss. Here he met a representative entrance hall, which is upstream of the actual vault. The safe itself is replaced by a new in the lockers, the corresponding bank, interior concept are embedded.

The external materials used preserved in character and color.
In developing high-quality materials are used. The entrance is complemented by a porch. The soil is consistently kept in dark stone. The reception desk is made of a light lacquer surface and leads to the foyer in the customer area of "private banking on." The central service area will be taken through floor to ceiling slats of wood, behind which are the meeting rooms and offices. Carpet Islands, the loosely stacked on the floor, define the individual sitting areas. They can be removed if necessary, for example for reception.
The space-shaping power of light plays a very special significance. Three large, round ceiling penetrations shall geschoss├╝bergreifenden with light installations for an intimate and balanced lighting situation. Down Lights emphasize height and rhythm of the blades and thus their importance for the room.

In addition to the special importance of the place it is the interaction of man - light - space and matter, which will determine the effect of the new "private banking division.
Our design is expressed in its system - from the plan to the individual items inside - a formal simplicity in interior design and material.
The "private banking" services creates this new spatial relationships and connections between inside and outside. He linked and thereby underlines the importance of place.

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